Press the pound key.

When I last posted, I talked about Songfight Live and how was hit with a wave of stage fright, probably the strongest one I have ever felt. It hasn’t deterred me and I wanna get back into my musical groove. My writing muse has perked up again and I’m thinking about revising the novel I did for NaNoWriMo in 2009. But the music muse is very strong and doesn’t want to let go of the progress. There’s a happy middle ground that I want to pursue but I’m not going to talk about it just yet. It’s one of those things… if I get an idea and don’t follow through and never mentioned it to anyone, that’s okay. But if I mention it, it’s gonna kick my confidence down a notch.

Back to that shaky nervousness, in my previous post I talked about how doing the Mr. Nakazawa’s Book of Surprises songs were great for me because I somehow shook the nerves by having an onstage support team aka a band. Having my gf Jill there was great (having a supportive gf at one of my musical performances is a brand new experience) too. I think have the focus partially split from me may have helped also.

Also, there was such a large difference between doing the songs live and the recorded versions. I have come to the conclusion that what I put on a “record”, I want to be able to duplicate live.

In a roundabout way, all my roads are still pointing to the idea of a band. Having a core of people to work with and hash out ideas. If you are a long time reader of this seldom posted blog (thank you!), you already know that I find this difficult. After the SF show, I felt such a pang of jealousy at Spud. Spud was a phenomenal guy and no, I wasn’t just jealous of his 8 string fretless bass (that was a fucking awesome guitar) but of the fact that he was so able to create his artistic vision. The music of Octothorpe is very unique and Spud works hard to craft it. And I wondered how he got other on board. There was a full band of people dressed in very specifically styled Octothorpe shirts, playing this crazy meta-jazz-rock while Spud dressed in a Santo mask and kilt. I was awed. 

The question in my mind is how do I get people on board with an idea. I’ve got them a bunch of them but how do you get others to hitch their wagons?  I hope to figure that out.


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  1. you post a blog! lets do more stuff!!! 🙂

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