A Sign of the Times

Times certainly are changing. Today, ABC announced the end of All My Children and One Life To Live. Those two soap operas were among TV’s longest running shows and now they are being cancelled in favor of some new talk shows: one about food and alternately one about weight loss. Neither sounds like it’ll last the test of time. One of them is the brainchild of JD Roth. None of his good ideas last (anyone remember Endurance aka Survivor for kids?).

I was never a OLTL watcher but I did have a stint watching AMC (back in the days of Sarah Michelle Geller and Keith Hamilton Cobb). Why did a soap connect with me? Because I enjoy serialized storytelling. I like watching the long term evolution of characters. Look at some of the other things I enjoy. I am one of the biggest prowrestling fans that you will ever meet. Prowrestling is serial storytelling in an athletic setting. I also love comics. The three things are all intertwined by the way they tell a story.

So what does this have to do with music? Nothing… but why not? As soon as I heard that AMC and OLTL were ending, I was upset. The demise of the soap opera is taking away from a form of serialized storytelling and there aren’t that many platforms. In this age of instanteous information and youtube; the idea of dragging out character development can be very passe. Sure, there are still tv shows but they have seasons. Serialized storytelling creates characters that grow along with the audience. You don’t have to speed through a storyline because you have a season finale on the horizon. There isn’t a season finale, your characters just go and evolve.

Episodic, serialized, whatever you call it, it’s definitely something I love. I have written some prose pieces that have been built so that I can come back and continue writing more and more and see how the characters evolve. Now I am wondering if that concept can somehow be put into music?? More on this later…


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