All Wrong

Today, I spent a good chunk of my day listening to odd things. I listened to various Screw Attack videos. Those are top 10 lists all about video games. Then I listened to some old MTV Rockumentaries (G’n’R, STP, Smashing Pumpkins) and then I listened to a little of a Hunger Games audiobook. Add in reading a Runaways graphic novel and listening to an interview with My Chemical Romance and clearly I bombarded myself with all sorts of stimuli. But here’s the thing, in the end I found myself with a new viewpoint on what I wanna be doing. How I shouldn’t be holding back the writer side of myself and instead I need to find a way to merge my storywriting and musical sides. Earlier this year, I tried to start writing a concept album and it didn’t feel right. I think I was going about things all wrong. I need to take a wildly different approach. More on this later…


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