Playback’s a Bitch

A few years ago, I had a website called New Zero Music. It was home to all the musical work that I had on the web. There I put out a few albums under the Niveous name. There was an album-in-a-day (AAD) called “The Scattershot”;  a compilation of songs from different years of my life called “Of Scissors and Blades”; and an album called “Organizations”. Today, I decided to give Organizations a spin. It was a tough experience. There were still some songs on there that I enjoyed but everything was so raw. The sound quality was very poor as I flanged just about everything. Despite writing good lyrics, the songs were so flawed that they were hard to listen to. I came to the realization that I haven’t put out a good Niveous body of work. Granted, production is still my nemesis so I’m not expecting perfection (won’t stop trying for it though) but I need to put out an album of my stuff that can stand well on its own. So, the checklist grows a little: new material, band, new album (looking for something cohesive, not just singles compiled),  good live set. Work continues…


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