Thoughts from a dive bar, part 2

As the dreaded DST approaches and my body hungers for sleep that it will not be able to get, I think back to the other half of that dive bar conversation and how it relates to today. As Angela, Jill & I spoke, Angela began to relate a very familiar sentiment. Angela is an artist and she’s also in a relationship and happy. She now wonders where does she find the time to be happy in life and make art. When she was single and unhappy, art filled in those spaces. But now where does art lie when there’s other things. I look at a day like today. Jill went away to see her family and I wondered, should I be trying to make music now. The answer is no, I did stuff with my sons. And then there was another moment where the boys & I were in a video game store and if it wasn’t for a mix-up, I would have bought a new videogame. The whole time I was in the store looking at this game, I wondered to myself- where does art fit in, especially if I allow some free time to playing this game. I enjoy gaming. I enjoy being in love. I enjoy spending time with my kids. I enjoy making music. How do you make it all work? There has to be a way because I’ve seen it done. I know musicians in happy relationships. I know ones who game. I know ones with full time jobs. I know ones with kids. The amount of art they produce can vary. They have their dry spells and whatnot but in the end, they find ways to pull it off. Today’s post isn’t really much of a question. I’m not really pondering how someone pulls it all off. I’m just stating that there’s a way out there to be happy in life, do different things and still make art and I’m going to find that. But not tonight. F-U DST. Whose bright idea was it to kill off an hour of the day just to get some extra sunlight and screw up a whole lot of people in the process?


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