New Niveous Single

It’s a big day for me in some ways. I’ve struggled a lot with music making. On Friday, I forced myself to just sit down and try and play and make something. And I did. I have two new songs. It feels good to be able to say that.

"Cuts Like"/ "Mirrorball"

The A-side of the two songs is “Cuts Like”. It’s the viewpoint of a man who has fucked up his life and has to live with the fact that it was his mistake that led him down the wrong path. It features pretty normal vocals from me, some weird bass droning deep in the mix and some odd effected vocals as a third instrument. It was fun to put together. It’s definitely a mix of the old Niveous stuff and something new. I could see doing this one live with a band.

“Cuts Like” by Niveous

The B-side is “Mirrorball”. It’s the story of  a world dominated by an artificial pop starlet. It’s kind of “What if Lady Gaga was a mind-controlling government robot?”. Musically, it’s very unconventional. I built everything around the bass and wanted it to take center stage. The guitar was to create a counterpoint. In the end, the two mixed together into what I felt was a very ambient whole while teetering on the edge of being discordant. I did the vocals where I felt they fit. I don’t know if another listener would make the same choices I did. It’s unconventional. I know this is not for everyone. Some will listen to it and hate it on the spot, but making these two songs brought me quite a lot of joy and maybe out there in the world someone else will find a little bit of joy out of listening to it. And I would have an absolute blast playing this live but again, I wonder- who would I get to do a song like this?

“Mirrorball” by Niveous

I have two new songs and hopefully I will have some more soon. This is progress.


One Response to “New Niveous Single”

  1. Like the first one, congrats on crankin’ out some new tunes.

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