One Note

It has been an interesting night for me when it comes to making music. After a night of watching some lackluster Idol (dear Randy Jackson, don’t spend your time criticizing people for not doing anything different with their songs and then shit all over one who does), my girlfriend headed into bed and I headed into the “studio”. I attempted to record some bass but at first it felt like the world was against me. I tried doing that on Garageband and for the life of me, I could not get the volume where I wanted it. Then I tried using my acoustic pickupto help the process and that was going nowhere too. So I went from Mac to PC and tried Adobe audition. Now, I must say that production is one of my greatest weaknesses and I feel I don’t 100% understand Audition but after some work, I was able to record. All I did was drone. One heavy power chord on the bass and I tried to allow it to vibrate as long as it could before playing it again and marvelling at how slight inconsistencies could effect the sound and how the length of the vibrations weren’t perfect either. I could hear myself doing something very dark over a drone like this. I could be very dramatic and powerful by doing some serious shifts in the sound while leaving this as the foundation. Could I see this for any of the two band projects I’m doing right now (XTRG or Montserrat SP)? I’m not sure but I wanna definitely try it for my solo stuff or find someone to play bass for me. It is only one note after all… but it has so much potential.


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