Saturday, Saturday

It’s alright for fighting but I have nothing to fight about today. Instead, this was another one of those Saturday’s where I ran around being dad. So, how has the March been going, aka my attempt to do something musical every day? It’s a slow start especially because it’s Saturday. But I did do some interesting little things technology wise and some things when it comes to the bands I work with. First, the latter. I spoke to the members of my experimental musical collective XTRG as well as Bill, my collaborator in Montserretian Secret Police (which I really just wanna cut down to Montserrat). I talked to them about how I am trying not to work out my musical block and lucky for me, they were all very understanding and n0w I feel even more invigorated when it comes to pushing hard and getting through this odd point in my life. On the technology side, I have been marveling at the things I have been able to find. I have been toying with phone apps and I’ve got myself a faux guitar (Solo) , a gadget that plays out my chord progressions in various time signatures (Chordbot) and a fake theremin (Etherophon). And for my Xbox, I downloaded DrumStudio which is pretty much what it sounds like. So, today has been an interesting trip in that realm and I’m curious to what other bits I can find. I still can’t find fake bass or strings that make me happy. I’m going to hunt for those strings. The bass…well, I still have that acoustic bass and I am going to learn some power chords for it. I know that strumming chords on a bass is often looked at as blasphemy. So what, I love chords and I want to find out what kind of sounds I can get out of that. Big muddy dark drones built around bass power chords filling in the atmosphere on a recording. That sounds like music to my ears right now.


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