Reality: Virtual

If you have been reading Audioshards over the past month (and I thank you if you have), then you know that I have been talking so much about wanting to make strange art rock, the music in my head. I realize that I can dream all that I want about it but it doesn’t add up to shit if I don’t actually try and make it. Even if I try and fail, I will have succeeded in creating something which is more than I have been doing lately. Edit that, I have been songwriting quite happily. The new Zinkline album nears completion and I am very happy with the 8 songs I contributed to. I just want to be doing more than just the lyrics. I enjoy the Zinkline sound but I don’t just wanna make the Zinkline sound. I wanna go on several different paths. And I know that a big thing lately with me is wanting to have a band (in person) so that I can play live and create live. But I’m beginning to see how I’m still limiting myself if I just sit around, trying to make that happen when I could be making music virtually too. And who knows, maybe the music I create will help me find the band I have been looking for. Then it’s a super win-win. So, I need to just stop sitting on my hands and just try. I feel almost like Joan Cusack’s character on Shameless- I have stuck myself at the front door unable to go forward. This post is a little messy, very stream of conscience but hopefully you can see what I’m saying. Here’s to making some more music in the future.


One Response to “Reality: Virtual”

  1. I like “stream of conscience” – good song title.

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