Dark Places and Schemes

In thinking more about my future plans, it has become very clear that I have to either make more friends or better figure out which ones will work with me. Yesterday, I talked about how I would like to work on a soundtrack to a movie of my own making. That’s a dream that would require the massive support of others. Even having a band takes getting a few friends to climb aboard whatever wacky scheme you have in mind. Sadly, in my past, music has often come from a dark place. A lot of my art has. I wrote a novel in 2009. When did I do that- a stint where I had no gf and was living alone in a state I couldn’t stand (still don’t love ya, NJ!). Backtrack a little in this blog to the story of XTRG and again, it’s dark times driven. I don’t wanna be Henry Darger making wonderful art in a lonely world. I need to find ways to make art from both happy and social places. I think that’s a very good goal to have.


2 Responses to “Dark Places and Schemes”

  1. Is this all in-person collaborations, or are you still up for net collabs?
    I’d like to work with you again sometime.

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