As FAWM comes to a close

The shortest month of the year is almost over. As usual, I have spent it working with Zinkline on a new album. With time almost up, I have contributed 9 lyrics to the new album (based on the Bill Murray movies: Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters 2, Caddyshack, Limits of Control, Get Low, Wild Things, City of Ember, Quick Change and Larger than Life). I feel good about the lyrics especially with the tough task of writing lyrics that are inspired by movies (including some that I haven’t seen). Biggest problem is trying to get a feeling for them, especially when the rest of the band are doing songs based on movies they have seen and love. I hope mine don’t come off too cold.

Then comes the question of what next. I need to get into a good flow soon because I really should start practicing for the show, so I can get some polish. Plus if I don’t start soon, I’lll get swallowed into the vortex of the Nur Ein and find myself at Songfight live with no new material and cold.


One Response to “As FAWM comes to a close”

  1. Hey Niv,

    We did Caddyshack among others tonight, and it was great fun writing disco inspired alt rock to your words. I like how you took the perspective of the gopher as protagonist, trying to survive an assault of extermination attempts by simply having fun and dancing.


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