Post Grammy Hangover

It seems like I missed two days but actually I had started a long blog post where I ranted about the Grammys. I showed love to the performances but I questioned some of the ridiculous categories (what the hell is Urban Alternative and why did “Fuck You” win it?) and some of the winners (“El Dorado” was not the best metal song of the year by a longshot). In the end, it was going to be a huge post and I wasn’t going to worry about posting on Valentine’s Day especially when I have such a great girl in my life.

So, now I’m in the midst of my post Grammy hangover where I’m seriously looking for some wildly different things to listen to like the new Devildriver, the new …Trail of Dead, and some J-Rock. But I haven’t made a lot of personal progress other than writing another tune for Zinkline. I need to make a plan for what my next steps will be once FAWM is over and SF:Live moves closer..


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