Why i kinda miss Myspace

I know myspace isn’t dead. It just got a facelift recently and a new snazzy logo: my_____. But for social networking Facebook has a much cleaner interface and has shown to be superior. Now, Facebook hasn’t been great for musicians. Myspace for a while was the better option but Bandcamp is growing and clearly surpassing myspace. If you could put up a band profile and tour dates on your bandcamp page, it would eclipse myspace and its archaic music player. So why do I miss myspace when I clearly like other sites better. Right now, I’m looking for new musicians to work with in New York. Facebook is built around exclusion so it’s hard to make new friends. Bandcamp isn’t made for that. Back in the day, I used to be able to browse myspace profiles and find fellow musicians who were looking for people to play with. Now, there’s no where to really browse. Musician classifieds online can be terrible and craigslist is craigslist. So, musicians have lost a resource in myspace somewhat. If only the good parts of myspace and bandcamp could mix with a dash of IUMA (remember that place?), it would be great. Oh well, gotta figure out how to make do with what’s out there.


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