Driving KITT

Musically today has been like driving KITT, the car from Knight Rider. I have been working on songs for FAWM with Zinkline. Making songs from movie plots is hard especially since I haven’t seen a lot of these flicks. When you are taking inspiration from something, the listener is going to want to relate and when a piece is off, they’ll notice. It’s the sculptor who sculpts comic book characters. Can’t change Superman’s boots any, the fanboys will remark. I feel like I need to stay within certain lines or the songs won’t convey the same feeling as the movie.

Those lines are the ones I need to drive down to succeed at this task. But my creative side wants to drive in other directions. I want to embrace the film challenge and see if I can create some great interesting songs from new inspiration points. Dammit muse, why is it trying to pull me in other directions? It’s fawm time. Gotta focus.


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