If you read my post yesterday, you may be wondering what’s the big deal about working with a band, especially when I do perfectly fine solo performances. Working with others isn’t always easy either, so why do I wanna work with a band. Well, to do that let me tell you a little Niveous backstory.

Back in my teenhood, I met a girl who back then was named Rachel. We worked at the same place and struck up a friendship which would turn into a musical partnership. We became the duo Fearofsleep. Every once in a while, i’d take my guitar and head to her apartment and we would spend hours working on songs and taping them into my broken down cassette recorder. It was a great experience to sit around with someone and create something from the sum of your efforts. There are still songs from the Fearofsleep days that I love despite making them nearly half a life ago back when I was a novice songwriter who still had a lot of living to do.

Am I just chasing some bit of my teenhood. No, it’s more than that. At the last Songfight live show, my virtual band X-Tokyo-River-God decided to try and do our songs live. The thing about our songs was they were never created to be played live. There we were Roy, Noah, Elaine and I in my old house in Jersey trying to make those songs into something we could do on stage. It was great working those songs out and playing them on stage with the band (despite a little nerves on my part. Gotta work on being a frontman. I don’t quite have frontman swagger down just yet).

It’s no secret among my friends that I have my issues with the digital world. Sure, I am a proud member of an internet community and wouldn’t wanna leave it. But there is a certain detachment that I sometimes feel uneasy about. Mix that with some of my past experiences and you find me desiring to sit in a room with some friends and make music.

Plus I have this bass I just can’t get the hang of yet. Can’t let it go to waste. 🙂


One Response to “Chasing…”

  1. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Nothing wrong with having a band do your ‘solo’ material. On the comedy side, I was lucky that I could choose the right venue for the bit. Was it good for radio? Video? Stage? I also was lucky to work with a bunch of talented individuals who could take the material and kick it up to a new level.

    That’s what makes it fun. Working with people, trying new things, and noodling around. You sometimes surprise yourself with what comes out of it.

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