Groundhog Day

It’s day two of FAWM and my cohorts in Zinkline are moving along very well as they have started work on two songs. Where am I right now? Well, today I dove deep into the songwriting and I struggled a bit to find the right inspiration. But I just kept working at it and finally I stumbled over it and finished my first set of lyrics this month, a song I have named “Epitaph for Times Square”. It’s a song built for rugged swagger because it’s all about how much attitude can be found in my beloved home city.

The thing about my work with Zinkline is that I often tread on the darkside lyrically and the band isn’t as dark as I am. I don’t know if they’ll dig these new lyrics because they may be hoping for something happier. I’m going to try to go into a different direction on the next one. Let’s see what happens. But at least I’m writing. I wish I could generate that same kind of get up and go with making music as I have with writing lyrics.


One Response to “Groundhog Day”

  1. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with being dark, as long as you have other things to bring you back to the light. That’s what makes it surprisingly good. A little of this and that spices things up, and keeps it fresh.

    I like taking an instrument or sound I’ve rarely played with, and noodle on it. Might toss it out of the mix in the end, but by throwing something odd in there, it opens up the rest of the composition to more possibilities. It also sometimes shows what you need is not more but LESS of something to make the song work.

    Don’t be afraid to do it another way. You can always try it the usual way if it sucks. But after you’ve tried it different, you probably will see a new angle you hadn’t before. That’s when the genius happens.

    Find the genius.

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