Oh, Audioshards- my dear old friend. How I have missed you.

It’s February and this is an interesting time for me when it comes to music. In many ways, I feel like it’s a jumping off point. I almost said crossroads at first but really I feel like this should all be about moving forward. Here is where I am at:

I’m doing FAWM for the 5th time with Zinkline. Every year has been a concept album and this is no different. But it’s day one and it hasn’t jumped out to me yet. We are doing songs inspired by Bill Murray movies. I spent the day doing research. I was reading wiki and watching trailers. Nothing has jumped out at me yet. Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day and I still don’t feel the song for that either. I don’t know if its pressure or just the surly mood I had earlier today (it was a tough day at work) but I’m definitely not where I need to be yet for FAWM and I need to get there.

Then there’s my virtual band XTRG and we are working on new material at my suggestion but I haven’t dove into it. I should be handing these guys new lyrics and musical bits but I haven’t had that drive. That drive has been in weird spurts. I want to be making music but I hit these walls. I feel like I need to start mediatating or something to get a better sense of what the heck is halting me emotionally from doing this thing I want to do.

And I need to figure out soon. I have booked a big show for Songfight in NYC in June and I want to be a part. So, now is the jump-off. Now is the time that I need to start looking deep and understanding Niveous, this musician I am and just how he ticks and how I can get out of this… I don’t think I can describe this better- musical depression.

Enough venting for one night. I have many tomorrows to keep thinking and looking and hopefully creating and growing and moving forward.


One Response to “2/1/11”

  1. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Good to see you’re creating again. Just do it, Damn it!

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