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Suntory Time

Posted in Music on February 28, 2011 by Niveous

February is over and Zinkline was victorious. Zinkline completed 14 songs all about the movies of Bill Murray. Now, the album isn’t complete, it’s still in the demo phase but if you go to you can hear the album. Check it out and tell me what you think.


The Photographer

Posted in Music on February 27, 2011 by Niveous

This hasn’t been a very big music day for me. I spent the day doing dad things. And tonight, I’ll be watching the Academy Awards. I’m not usually into the Oscars but this year I’ve seen 7 of the 10 movies up for best picture, so I feel invested. Despite all my busyness with other things, I did write lyrics to a new song today. It’s called “The Photographer”. It’s all about online identities. It’s from the viewpoint of someone who is online dating but lying in their profile while siphoning information from the profile of the potential victim, which leads to the victim coming to the person’s home… for photographs. Not exactly a happy go lucky tune but just because I am in a happy place in my life doesn’t mean I can’t still write from dark places.

Edit: I just watched Trent Reznor win an Oscar. Wowsa.

Saturday, Saturday

Posted in Music on February 26, 2011 by Niveous

It’s alright for fighting but I have nothing to fight about today. Instead, this was another one of those Saturday’s where I ran around being dad. So, how has the March been going, aka my attempt to do something musical every day? It’s a slow start especially because it’s Saturday. But I did do some interesting little things technology wise and some things when it comes to the bands I work with. First, the latter. I spoke to the members of my experimental musical collective XTRG as well as Bill, my collaborator in Montserretian Secret Police (which I really just wanna cut down to Montserrat). I talked to them about how I am trying not to work out my musical block and lucky for me, they were all very understanding and n0w I feel even more invigorated when it comes to pushing hard and getting through this odd point in my life. On the technology side, I have been marveling at the things I have been able to find. I have been toying with phone apps and I’ve got myself a faux guitar (Solo) , a gadget that plays out my chord progressions in various time signatures (Chordbot) and a fake theremin (Etherophon). And for my Xbox, I downloaded DrumStudio which is pretty much what it sounds like. So, today has been an interesting trip in that realm and I’m curious to what other bits I can find. I still can’t find fake bass or strings that make me happy. I’m going to hunt for those strings. The bass…well, I still have that acoustic bass and I am going to learn some power chords for it. I know that strumming chords on a bass is often looked at as blasphemy. So what, I love chords and I want to find out what kind of sounds I can get out of that. Big muddy dark drones built around bass power chords filling in the atmosphere on a recording. That sounds like music to my ears right now.

The March

Posted in Music on February 25, 2011 by Niveous

As you can tell by this blog, and if you ever read my old blog 10kdays, I can work fairly well with a daily routine. A few missteps may occur along the way (like a plumbing problem that you had to deal with instead of posting last night) but pretty much, it works for me. I figure why not put the same effort into music? Just try and do something related to my music every day- write a new lyric, figure out a new chord progression, etc. Every little bit helps. If I can pull that off, I can break through this musical depression. So, I’m off to go do something. It’s late and I’m a good neighbor, so it won’t be much tonight but it’ll be significant because it’s a start.

Reality: Virtual

Posted in Music on February 23, 2011 by Niveous

If you have been reading Audioshards over the past month (and I thank you if you have), then you know that I have been talking so much about wanting to make strange art rock, the music in my head. I realize that I can dream all that I want about it but it doesn’t add up to shit if I don’t actually try and make it. Even if I try and fail, I will have succeeded in creating something which is more than I have been doing lately. Edit that, I have been songwriting quite happily. The new Zinkline album nears completion and I am very happy with the 8 songs I contributed to. I just want to be doing more than just the lyrics. I enjoy the Zinkline sound but I don’t just wanna make the Zinkline sound. I wanna go on several different paths. And I know that a big thing lately with me is wanting to have a band (in person) so that I can play live and create live. But I’m beginning to see how I’m still limiting myself if I just sit around, trying to make that happen when I could be making music virtually too. And who knows, maybe the music I create will help me find the band I have been looking for. Then it’s a super win-win. So, I need to just stop sitting on my hands and just try. I feel almost like Joan Cusack’s character on Shameless- I have stuck myself at the front door unable to go forward. This post is a little messy, very stream of conscience but hopefully you can see what I’m saying. Here’s to making some more music in the future.

Dark Places and Schemes

Posted in Music on February 22, 2011 by Niveous

In thinking more about my future plans, it has become very clear that I have to either make more friends or better figure out which ones will work with me. Yesterday, I talked about how I would like to work on a soundtrack to a movie of my own making. That’s a dream that would require the massive support of others. Even having a band takes getting a few friends to climb aboard whatever wacky scheme you have in mind. Sadly, in my past, music has often come from a dark place. A lot of my art has. I wrote a novel in 2009. When did I do that- a stint where I had no gf and was living alone in a state I couldn’t stand (still don’t love ya, NJ!). Backtrack a little in this blog to the story of XTRG and again, it’s dark times driven. I don’t wanna be Henry Darger making wonderful art in a lonely world. I need to find ways to make art from both happy and social places. I think that’s a very good goal to have.

Concept Zero

Posted in Music on February 21, 2011 by Niveous

I made a substantial decision last night regarding the music that I’ll be making in the near future. I just finished up writing lyrics for the new Zinkline concept album and I am very excited to hear the results. I have been thinking a lot about concept albums. I have a very strong writing muse and I have been considering writing a new concept album. Last night, I took the first steps towards that as I began writing a song.

That is when I realized that I don’t want to do another concept album, at least not for a while. I think I would rather do a soundtrack (not specifically a score) to a film of my own creation. Now, that’s a pipe dream but something like that is far more interesting.

It doesn’t sound like that big a deal but for someone who just finished writing for his 4th concept album in 4 years, it is a big deal to step away. Now to start making some tunes.