Shard Awards 2010- Guilty Pleasure

It’s December. 2010 is coming to a close and it’s time to start all those year end lists. Here at Audioshards, I figure I’d do a little looking back at the year that was. I present the first annual Shard Awards. Throughout the month, I’ll give out awards in various categories. Let’s start off with…

Guilty Pleasure of the Year

There were a lot of contenders this year thanks to my Billboard Chart watching. The big winner is my kids fault. There are many songs that I started listening to because my sons watch Nickelodeon & the Disney Channel. Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez and Big Time Rush all ended up with songs in my jukebox. Hell, I even started liking a Miley Cyrus song that wasn’t “Party in the USA” (but I blame that on Toby Gad)

This + 3 animated chipmunks= guilty pleasure

The song that wins this award is from the soundtrack to the Alvin & the Chipmunks Squeakquel movie. My youngest son is slightly obsessed with the Chipmunks and so I heard a lot of things from the soundtrack including this odd song by Queensberry. Queensberry is a British girl group born from a reality music competition. They gave them a duet with the Chipettes about a song that gets stuck in your head. The thing that hooked me about this song is that it essentially equates the Chipettes to insanity. Everytime they sing “You think I’m crazy, baby/ I just may be, baby”, it’s in the Chipette voice. I’ve heard this song without the Chipettes and it doesn’t work the same. You need the high pitched craziness.

It’s ridiculously catchy and incredibly strange. Most people wouldn’t admit to listening to a song with Chipettes on it, but I seem to lack a decent amount of shame. The 2010 Shard Award for Guilty Pleasure of the Year goes to “The Song”  by Queensberry & the Chippettes.


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