Once Upon A Website

Once upon a time there was a website called somesongs (no, not the Elliott Smith one). It was bore from the mind of a mad genius out in Colorado and it was a sibling of SongFight. There were no titles that you had to use for inspiration. What was there was some songs and a small devoted community ready to review them. People could put any song into the queue and they would be judged and reviewed. Simple as that. There were leaderboards and other goodies but the best parts were a clean interface and a place to get heard. Pretty much no matter what you threw up there, you can be guaranteed that 5 people heard it. You could experiment and see how it goes without the confines of a competition.

Somesongs lived a quiet wonderful existence but it would find an odd and untimely demise (I don’t know the whole story but it was complicated). But Songfighters can’t let a good thing die. Lunkhead (of Merisan and Berkeley Social Scene) has resurrected the site as somesongs.org and now it’s on the slow road to recovery. This site is a great resource to have around. So, let’s make this site alive again. Try out the site. Post songs. Post reviews. Help it live up to its potential. What do you get in return? Another place in the world to get your music heard. I think that’s pretty worthwhile.



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