To Fuck and To Forget

Hey there everyone. I’m back from my Thanksgiving break. I hope you all had a great holiday. I’m back and I wanna talk about those crazy Billboard charts again. But instead of looking at the entire chart, I want to focus on a pair of songs.

Better than Cee-Lo?

Cee-Lo Green is not a stranger to hit records. As a member of Gnarls Barkley, he had a #2 hit with “Crazy” and he co-wrote and produced Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha”. 13 weeks ago, Cee-Lo Green debuted on the charts with a song that had earned a lot of fans through viral methods. Over those 13 weeks, it chugged along on the Hot 100 charts. In places like Scotland, the Netherlands and the UK, the song hit #1 but here in the States, it couldn’t make it into the top 10. That was until this week, finally after all that time, Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” made it to #9.

Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t a complete stranger to hit records. Sure, she’s an actress but she had a song with Huey Lewis; a Smokey Robinson cover that was a #1….on the adult contemporary charts. She would cover Cee-Lo’s song on that show of shows, “Glee”. Her version would be the tamer “Forget You”. It would debut on the charts at #11. In one week, Gwyneth’s version would do what the original took 12 weeks to do.

My question is… What the hell. Is the Gwyneth version better than the original? Not bloody likely. It’s not a wildly different arrangement. Can she out sing Cee-Lo? No way. But the song appears on Glee and instant big hit. Something is not right here. Things like this make me wonder about Billboard more and more.


2 Responses to “To Fuck and To Forget”

  1. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    What’s to wonder? Millions of people watch her sing it on TV. They like and and buy it. Access, positive reinforcement, fulfillment.

    This isn’t about the quality of the artist or fairness. It’s simple marketing. One major reason why critical acclaim doesn’t always turn into monetary success.

    I’ve seen the Glee video, and both Cee-Lo versions. I prefer the first ‘Text based’ version. Makes me old fashioned, but there it is.

    • I prefer the text based video as well.

      I guess you are right. The power of marketing does play a huge factor, though Cee-Lo’s song has had some very substantial marketing as well including crossover airplay (which is supposedly a big factor in Billboard) and appearances on shows like the Colbert Report. I really shouldn’t be shocked or upset about this because Glee songs are the cotton candy of the Billboard charts- they are sweet, sugary, quickly bought up and gone in an instant.

      I just wish that if Glee songs were going to be such big hits, they would do some substantial changes in the arrangements to warrant their success. I’m not complaining about their Singing in the Rain/ Umbrella mashup hitting the charts. That did something different. Forget You is basically an actor doing Karaoke and hitting the charts.

      A big part of my problem is the askew Billboard chart system. If Billboard is based largely on radio airplay, how are Glee songs so high when they don’t get radio airplay (according to Billboard’s own Radio Songs chart)? I grew up watching and listening to the Billboard charts and now as an adult, I’m just wondering what it truly means to have a hit record.

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