I have finally stumbled upon it. Today, I found Billboard Magazine’s formula when it comes to what goes into the Hot 100. With the way that the internet is, I found it awfully strange that it was so incredibly hard to find this information. I still can’t find a list of sites Billboard derives info from or any sort of statistical data like you find with a chart like Mediabase, but I’ll take what I can get. What I’ve found is that in the current scheme, physical singles accounts for only about 1% of a song’s stat. That makes sense in this day and age. About 40% is digital sales, which I also can’t complain about. Maybe it’s a little low. 5 percent goes to streaming media though it’s mostly coming from Yahoo & Aol music. That leaves 55…and that belongs to “radio audience”. What does that even mean? Billboard says the chart factors “radio impressions”. I don’t get that. And in this day and age where everyone lives in their iPods and watches music videos on YouTube…is this even close to a viable formula? What do you think?


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