C30 C60 C90 GO!

Today marks the end of Limewire. A court injunction has forced the company to cease operating its peer to peer downloading service. Is this a victory for the music industry. Yes, in a way. Limewire cost the industry millions if not billions. But does the loss of Limewire really matter. Growing up, I used to turn on my radio and if there was a song I liked, I hit the play/record and put it onto a cassette single. Friends gave each other mixtapes. Move forward a few years and it’s CDs. The fact is that there will always be those who buy music and those who take it. The loss of limewire will not send those people who illegally download over to iTunes. They’ll find new ways, learn new tricks & make new websites. I think the music industry needs to accept that fact and adopt new practices. The only way to win is not to try and cut down sites like limewire but to figure out a way to make the legal download the better option. How? I’m not sure. I’m not exactly the right guy to ask. I still own all my old cassettes.


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