It’s time for the GoM!

This is the beginning of the holiday season for me. The season doesn’t start with Halloween or Thnaksgiving or even my birthday (which is coming very very soon). The holiday season starts when the GoM starts.

What is the GoM? The GoM is the Gift of Music. It’s a music challenge started 8 years ago on the forums of Songfight and run by myself & Eddiebangs.

Here’s the concept:
Anyone who wants to be a part of this cover challenge simply needs to post here, telling me that they’re in and listing 4 songs (links to the songs are appreciated). These 4 songs are 4 songs that you really like and would like to hear covered. Once the list of participants is compiled, the names will be tossed into a hat and paired off.

From there, each participant will get a private message telling them who they’ll be giving the gift of music to as well as the 4 songs that person chose. The participant picks 1 song from the 4 and covers the song. Then on the due date, we post the results and everybody wins.

The previous GoMs have been exceptional. Check them out on Eddiebangs’ website Soul Tree Records:


SONGS ARE DUE 1/11/11.

Finished songs should be named in the same manner as songfight entries.

1st Place: $150.00 donation in artists name to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation & a GOM t-shirt & a Soul Tree Records Prize Pack
2nd Place: $100.00 donation in artists name to the JDRF & a GOM t-shirt & a Soul Tree Records Prize Pack
3rd Place: $50.00 donation in artists name to the JDRF & a GOM t-shirt & a Soul Tree Records Prize Pack

To submit your finished song, send it as an attachment in an email to:


(copy & paste, then add your answers please)

1. Original atrist:

2. Song Title:

3. Your Name/Group Name (as you want it displayed):

4. Link to your website(s):

5. Quote:

6. Requested by:

The deadline to be eligible for prizes is Jan 11, 2011
Late entries will be included in the GOM, but will be flagged as ineligible for prizes.

The email address you use to send your submission will be used to verify your identity during prize voting. Please only use an email address you check/use regularly to facilitate prompt and accurate voting results. Your email address will not be sold or shared, and will be discarded by upon completion of voting.


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