One step closer

Tonight, I took one step closer to returning to musical form. I decided to step back onto the stage at the Sidewalk Cafe.
I got onto the signup, walked over to Ben Krieger (who runs the show) & I randomly ended up playing 3rd (“Bloody hell”). Now, that news sent me into nervous mode & my hands got cold & I was sweating the details. “DId I pick the right songs? Can I remember these chords?”
But I really couldn’t sit and ruminate. In no time, it was my turn. I talked a little about my journey to return to musical form. Then I went into my song “Before a Date with Emily”. I stumbled & fumbled at first, I even mixed up a lyric, but I started having fun as I sang about a guy dissecting a bird before doing the same to his gf. I couldn’t get a grasp of how the crowd felt about that one but I powered on.
Then I did “Cute Boots”, my missing child song, & there are few times I have ever felt that good on stage. It wasn’t perfect but I was loving playing. I think the crowd may’ve liked it too. Successful night.


2 Responses to “One step closer”

  1. noah mclaughlin Says:

    I love your “Cute Boots.” It might be the quintessential Niveous song.

  2. awesome. congrats!
    i find going early is good so you can enjoy the rest of the show more 🙂

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