Gatecrasher Diary 9-4-10

Sometimes I wonder how Gibbard & Tamborello did it. Waiting to build upon a song is tough. I can understand when I hear stories of bands going into the studio and banging out an album in under a month. When I hear about bands taking a year, I shake my head. The creative process calls for a certain amount of momentum, unless you have one of those spectacular minds who can focus on a tiny iota of the piece & slowly build until you create the whole. I don’t have one of those. The creation process of Gatecrasher is testing how I deal with the slowness of making a project work.
I have to keep on trucking no matter what because I’m devoted to creating the album of my dreams. I have written 4 of the songs but I haven’t touched any music. It’s Labor Day weekend & I’m longing for a chance to try out some vocals. Vox are going to be the biggest challenge for me. I’m not always happy with my vocal delivery. I want to work on that but I don’t have music to work with yet. I’ll figure out something…


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