As the Tune Spins #2

Coming into the first round of the Spintunes competition, I was moody. I came in to the competition looking for some rock. I figured a whole new set of bands, someone will bring the rock, because lately I have been searching for some really crunchy aggressive rock (you don’t find enough of it on Songfight sometimes. Come back SonofSupercar, Klownhole and Pumpkin Buzzard). Then I listened to al the bands before the competition and heard a lot of acoustic stuff. Now, acoustic music is my bed and butter so that’s okay but I was looking for rock to sink my teeth into, so I got moody.

The challenge for round 1 was to write a song from the viewpoint of  a hero or villain. The songs came out and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Sure, there was very little of that powerhouse rock that I was looking for but there were some very good tunes. I found myself especially enjoying Jenny Katz’s song in that round. I have always been a sucker for James Bond stuff. A super spy who drives cool cars, gets the girls and lives in a world full of people with humorous names like Honey Ryder, Octopussy and Oddjob. What is not to love.

How could you not love Blofeld?

And Bond themes are big with me. One of these days, I am bound to do a “10 Shards” piece on my favorite Bond themes (“Thunderball!”). She took the main bond theme and made it an acoustic ballad for Bond’s enemy, Blofeld. I thought that was genius. But all was not well.

 I thought I had got past my surliness, thanks to some good tunes. But there were some tunes that turned me from nice into Simon Cowell’s evil twin. I have a feeling about being a judge in these contests. You’re a captive audience. From me, you’re going to get someone who is listening to your song at least three times before giving in their vote. So, there’s no worse feeling then staying up late to make sure you’ve given songs their fair share only to come across a song that you feel is a musical abomination and a waste of your time. (see Bram Tant’s song in Round 1)

Two people stopped my reviews from being destroyed by my mood. My girlfriend Jillian reminded me that part of being a judge is giving constructive criticism. The other person was fellow judge Sammy Kablam.

One fateful night, I decided to go online very late and traveled into the Artifiction chat where a few of the Spintunes participants were hanging out as well as Mr. Kablam. This was one of my first times chatting with the Spintuners. Some asked me my feelings on the songs from that round. At first, I wanted to give blind reviews but soon, it just became a free for all with Sammy & I giving no-holds barred opinions. If you have heard Sammy give his opinion, it can get ugly. I think there’s some law, maybe some fine print in the Geneva convention that restricts me from telling you all that was said that night (At one point, Edric Haleen’s song was compared to a sex act gone wrong. And he won that round! You can only imagine what was said about the rest of the field…) After that, my reviews found their even keel and were much more constructive. Sometimes you just need to vent.

But not everyone was happy with the reviews.

Next time, Part 3- Judging the judges & sneaking out of parties.


One Response to “As the Tune Spins #2”

  1. “If you have heard Sammy give his opinion, it can get ugly.”

    Haha very true.

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