As the Tune Spins… part 1

Every Spring, I run a music competition called the Nur Ein. This year was the 5th anniversary and it was quite an interesting one. There were a lot of great bands like Ben Kreiger (Nur Ein V’s winner), Berkeley Social Scene, Chris Cogott, Milo Dunderville & Minty Handy. Despite that some critics say it wasn’t the best Nur Ein citing that few bands pushed the envelope when it came to the challenges. Nevertheless, i enjoyed Nur Ein V and left it revigorated about doing online music contests (after missing last year’s Gift of Music).

Then I received a letter from a guy named Spintown inquiring about doing a contest that was much like the Nur Ein but with some subtle differences (no set titles, less rounds, more emphasis on shadowing). I have to admit that my first reaction was ” This is a straight up Nur Ein ripoff!” But I quickly changed my mind on that and came to the better point of view that more music competitions means more good music in the world and I was okay with a Nur Ein emulator (it means I must have done something right putting Nur Ein together). He then asked me if I wanted to judge. I didn’t know how to take that offer. I had just finished a brutal Nur Ein jury where one of the jurors and I verbally came to blows. But I thought about how working on this would be a way to meet a lot of new musicians from the TMA/Song-Fu part of the web. The idea of bringing that gap and maybe getting some of those musicians to songfight was a temptation that was way too big to resist and I agreed.

Spintown then told me that everyone was meeting up to talk on Tinychat and there was some mention of twitter and I went “huh?”. Not that I hadn’t used an online chat before or that I didn’t have a twitter account (@10kdays), I was just surprised at how different things would be from the get-go. Nur Ein is very forum based and this wasn’t rooted in the same way. It was going to be an all new experience. So, of course, things would go wrong from the offset for me. The first day I go to meet with all the judges in the online chat, my computer refuses to connect to the web (a conflict with my XBox) and I almost missed the whole thing. I made it there just in time and helped create the 4 challenges that would make up the contest known as SpinTunes 1.

Next up… Round 1 (aka “Heroes, Villains, and Mean Judges”)


2 Responses to “As the Tune Spins… part 1”

  1. This is great to read. I’m interested in gap-bridge too. It’s hard for me to be active on a forum because I’m quite shy and intimidate easy. But I sent in for this fight so that’s good 🙂 and I’m for sure back next nur ein. 🙂

  2. haha it’s cool that one of your reasons for being a judge is one of the reasons I wanted you as a judge. Most of the Song Fu/TMA people weren’t really big on Song Fight & knew little about the great community behind it. Most knew little or nothing about Nur Ein (even though I tried to pimp it a lot during the last contest). By getting you as a judge I not only got a vet of the online songwriting club who has valuable experience, but I was also hoping to get people from the various communities to spread their wings a bit.

    Not a lot of mixing went on, but maybe it’s a start of what could be more later. Denise threw her hat into the Song Fight ring FINALLY. A few of the Song Fighters hung out with the TMA peeps at the LP’s. People chatted some on the blog. People were exposed to new musicians. All good things that can be built on hopefully.

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