10 Shards: 10 Songs I’m excited for in RB3

I’m a lifelong gamer. I grew up with an Atari 2600 and a Commodore 64 and never lost my love for video games. And I have always had a penchant for music games. Back in 2001, the evil geniuses at Harmonix put out a game called FreQuency and I got hooked on music games and have been happily watching as they get better and better. I’ve stayed loyal to Harmonix and become a big fan of the Rock Band series of games. They are fun to play and they allow you to become a more focused listener by taking apart all the pieces that make up the songs and laying them out in front of you.

I often dream of getting songs into Rock Band via their Rock Band Network and maybe one day I’ll get the focus and cash to pull that off (anyone want to help me out with that?). In the meantime, I’m looking forward to Rock Band 3 coming out this fall. Here are the top 10 songs I’m excited to play in RB3.

1. “One Armed Scissor” by At The Drive In

The new RB3 setlist is a little light on crunch in some places. Many of the new songs are more keyboard heavy, since keys are the newest peripheral in the game. But this song will certainly fill the gap for me with its blistering guitars and insane lyrics. This is the song to rock out to.

2. “Break On Through” by The Doors

As I stated in the last edition of 10 Shards, I have been a big Doors fan since my teenhood. Getting to play any Doors song in Rock Band would be fun for me but this is the song that started things for me. I didn’t get into “Light My Fire” until later. I started off with this one. My only question about its inclusion is will the lyric “She gets high” chorus make it in or will this be a slightly cleaner mix?

3. “Something Bigger, Something Brighter” by Pretty Girls Make Graves

PGMG’s “Elan Vital” album is one of my favorites of all time. While this song is from the previous album, I can appreciate it and will enjoy playing it. And who knows? If Harmonix has a link to PGMG, perhaps there will be more of their songs coming as downloadable content.

4. “25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago

I’m gonna be honest here. When I heard what songs were going to be in RB3, I was way too happy to have this song. My jubilance has diminished as I have wondered how the heck they are going to chart that song but the fact remains that it’s got a great groove and the horns are fun as is the guitar solo. As long as it comes off better than that American Idol version, everything will be just fine.

5. “Midlife Crisis” by Faith No More

More FNM in Rock Band is a very good thing and now you have keyboards so that you don’t have to skip Roddy Bottum’s parts. These songs are always fun to play. Mike Patton has great vocals. Billy Gould is one of my favorite bassists. I would’ve preferred “A Small Victory” from this album (Angel Dust) or something from Album of the Year, but I’ll happily take this.

6. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears

Yes, this song isn’t one you rock out to. But growing up, this was my favorite song. Its position has since been usurped (by “Pillars” by Sunny Day Real Estate, which I hope will be in RBN soon) but it doesn’t change how much I enjoy it. C’mon, it’s the ending theme to Real Genius. It’s the popcorn song!

7. “Oh My God” by Ida Maria

This is the one to rock out to. The lyrics are super simple and it’s probably going to be a breeze to play but it’s built for all your late-night rock star bravado. Add in the multiple vocalist option and this is going to be a blast to play with a full band. Sadly, you won’t be able to emulate the atrocious Iggy Pop remix of this song.

8.  “Portions of Foxes” by Rilo Kiley

On my old blog, I was called an indie elitist because of my negative feelings for the band led up by the girl from Troop Beverly Hills and their overplayed song “Moneymaker”. The thing that reader didn’t get is that I don’t hate Rilo Kiley, just the dosage I was receiving. This song is quite a gem in RB3. Great lyrics.

9. “Du Hast” by Rammstein

I know that it lacks the charm and elegance of their song “Pussy” but the levels of camp in having this song on the setlist is immeasurable. German is not a pretty language and that ought to make some wonderous vocal moments. A “Du Hast” + “Herr Kommt Alex” + “Perfekte Welle” playlist would be epic.

10. “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake

This is going to be so much fun. Pure 80’s hair metal goodness. Adrian Vandenburg was a great guitarist and it’s be a blast to play his solo on this song. The chorus is so catchy. This is a rowdy sing-a-long, rocking good time waiting to happen.

RB3 has all that plus INXS, Queen, The Cure, J. Geils Band, Amy Winehouse, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, John Lennon, Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Free Bird!”), Filter, Mana, Dio, Dire Straits, Deep Purple, Devo, Blondie, A7X, Def Leppard, Flaming Lips, Doobie Brothers, HIM, Marilyn Manson, Metric, Phoenix, The Who, Yes and tons more. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this.


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